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We got pretty much all the house drinks always on sale, very good pricing on the cups for the Girls and also have promotions on beer and VIP during the night, yo are very welcome to ask your waiter about any promotion mentioned on Facebook or this Page.

Tequilas. ​
 A Welcome Shot On The House.

We have diferent tequilas that you can ask for on greate prices. 

Birthday or Bachelor Parties.

The best time ever For you Friends.




Cervezas. ​
First Round 2x1 on Beer.




The Beer is From The Tecate Company for now on the future we'll have other brands, we give u the first round 2x1 so you get to warm up a bit with the Pasarela Show performance with the beautiful girls we have here for you. 


International Bar. ​

We'll make any mix drink.


 we have all kind of mix drinks, you can ask for them to your waiter, also we have champagne for espetial avent or to Drink with a Girl




Domesic Drinks. 
Rom Vodka and tequila Mixed.


The Barman In Very good at mixing the drinks, are almost double, no complains about that at all, the pricing is excellent too.

We will take good care of you, so you tell your friends about how good it was Emporium Men's Club experience.

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